Our vision for 2020 is to experience significant growth as a community, transforming lives to impact our communities, challenging people to see and live life from God's perspective.

Strategic Plan

Numerical Growth

Numerical growth to us as a church means bringing others to the saving knowledge of Christ through different channel. This would only be possible when people found themselves in an environment fill with love and care regardless of status. 

Spiritual Growth

In LFC we use spiritual growth of members to measure the physical growth and not necessary the numerical. Our aim as a spiritual community is to deep dive into God's word to enhance our knowledge to defend the integrity of the gospel at all time. 

Living a balanced Christian Life

One major problem facing many Christians is 'living a balanced Christian life.' Unfortunately, wrong indoctrination has caused some to  see life from one direction instead two (spiritual and physical) which has empowered skeptics to question the credibility of Christianity. Our aim as a spiritual community is to break such barrier by living a balanced Christian life that would provide the answers to skeptics, a life motivated and directed by the knowledge of God's word.