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Meeting Place For Sunday Service:

Postcode: NN3 5BS


UK: 07576165945/07808234181

Int:+44 7576165945/+447808234181



Start at 9.30am-11am

How To Find Us

About LFC

 The Loyal Family Church is a spiritual family of God started in 2017. A Christian fellowship created by the Holy Spirit through spirit filled believers in Christ Jesus. Our aim as a church is to reach out to the world with the saving knowledge of Christ, to restore hope to the hopeless through the inspiring word of God. Our purpose is to live life the way Jesus described that we should by living honestly and diligently in loyalty to one another, caring for each other, embracing and enjoying different cultures shaped by God's love. Diversity and creativity to build a health moral community. 

Disciplining The Nation

We believe in the great apostolic commission which is the whole essence of our walk with Jesus and that is following the footsteps of Christ to bring others to His saving knowledge. (Mathew 28:19-21). Discipleship therefore, is the very heart of LFC. Inasmuch as we enjoy coming together as one big family to worship, we take pride in investing in people to make them an instrument of change to fulfill the great commission, that is to say, living the mandate of Jesus. Our focus therefore is having people on the apostolic move for GOD rather than keeping them for numeric record. Please contact us for more information.

Church Planting

Our vision is that we will train people who will be involved with church planting both locally and abroad. To partner with other church(s) with same vision. Our hope is that GOD will give us the privilege, the right resources (both human and non-human) to fulfil this mandate. If you're passionate about church planting or wants to partner with us then we would love to hear from you.

The Apostolic Gifts

In LFC, we believe that the structure of the church should exhibit the apostolic gifts of the early church and that is experiencing the supernatural, divine healing, discernment of spirit, word of knowledge, word of wisdom, the prophetic gift, etc. The purpose of these gifts is to build the body of Christ. Our ultimate desire as a church is for these gifts to be operational in our gatherings.